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How to beat stress and worry in 5 minutes

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26th November

I’m sure you’ve come across the notion of mindfulness, the act of focusing our attention on the present moment in order to still the mind and subdue strong emotions. I’ve written about it both online as well as in books such as Confidence 2.0
(and you can follow links from within that book to download and then listen to my guided audio instructions too).

Many people find that simply … Read more

3 ways to beat stress and feel more in control

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10th July

When life’s hassles and problems keep piling up, it can be really easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are three quick tips for taking the edge off of how you’re feeling and to feel more centred.

1. Breathe mindfully

The idea of mindfulness has grown over the last decade or so from being an unconventional idea to something proven by science. In experiments, practising mindfulness for only 8 to 10 … Read more

Want to feel calm and do the right thing?

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7th June

In my coaching work, I often help people who wish they could feel less panicky, less anxious and more confident.

I read a piece in the Sunday Times a few weeks ago by columnist Caitlin Moran. She had an excellent observation: “Panic and anxiety will lie to you – they are gonzo, malign commentators on the events of your life. Their counsel is wrong. You are as high, wired and Read more

Want to feel more confident in only 10 seconds?

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10th November

What gets you feeling nervous? Perhaps it’s having to give an important presentation at work or going for a job interview. Maybe it’s the thought of going on a date or arriving at a party where you don’t know anyone.

A study by Katharina Kircanski and her colleagues at the University of California, Los Angeles suggests a really quick method of keeping our feelings in check.

The researchers invited people … Read more

Does money buy happiness?

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26th October

I’ve been reading a book by a professor of economics at Princeton University. Based on research studies, he concludes that: “the emotional lives of the poor are not very different from those of the rich, though the poor are much less satisfied with their lives.”

The professor distinguishes between emotions and satisfction. Yes, satisfaction is affected by wealth. Wealth allows people to avoid ill health and buy material comforts. … Read more

Want better control over your emotions?

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15th January

Do you ever say things like ‘I’m so nervous’ or ‘It really annoys me when…’?

It’s natural to feel emotions like anxiousness or annoyance. Many people feel anxious before a big event – say giving an important presentation at work or going on a big date. Many people feel irritated when things go wrong – from delays on the daily commute to difficult colleagues or our computers going wrong.

We … Read more

How can we all sell more effectively?

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7th August

I was asked to speak at a media organisation’s sales conference recently on the psychology of selling and the mindset that it takes to succeed. Towards the end of the day, there was a panel discussion in which five people (who had all been nominated by their colleagues as inspirational people) took questions from the room.

One of the questions asked of the panel was: ‘What qualities do you most … Read more

Problems in the past? Write your troubles away and feel more confident again…

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25th June

I’ve been coaching two clients recently who are both feeling emotionally bruised and battered. They’re facing very different issues but I recommended the same technique to both with great results.

One woman – I’ll call her Jane – just exited a very difficult relationship with a married man. She invested 6 years in the relationship and in the last year or so had split up and got back together with … Read more