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Want to learn how to stand out?

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19th September

I was invited onto the Talk Radio Europe breakfast show to speak about the inspiration for and content of my book How To Stand Out: Proven Tactics For Getting Noticed.

Our conversation covered lots of topics spanning lack of confidence, arrogance, childhood experiences, dating and even bringing up confident children. Some of the points that I think worth summarising:

  • Remember that you can change at any age. Your
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Want to present well and excel at public speaking?

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3rd May

Apparently more people are afraid of having to speak in public or give a presentation than are scared of snakes or spiders!

Having written a book on public speaking and presentations and run training courses on it, here are my five top tips for giving great presentations:

  • Tell a story to illustrate your main point. Audiences hate being bombarded by numbers. So think of an anecdote you can share to
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Want in-depth insight into the minds of exceptional people?

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24th October

I was out in Singapore and Hong Kong a few years ago to publicise my book The Extra One Per Cent (which has now been re-published under the new title E is for Exceptional). While in Hong Kong, I was invited onto the radio station RTHK to be interviewed about the skills and mindset that help to distinguish exceptional people from the crowd.

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