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How to project confidence during job interviews

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1st April

I’ve been coaching so many job hunters recently. They have been men and women ranging from recent graduates in their early 20s to experienced executives and workers in their late 50s. In most cases, they had good experience that they could talk about. However, they weren’t selling themselves and coming across as capable and credible.

If you want to improve your interview performance, work through the following five steps:

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Want to learn how to stand out?

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19th September

I was invited onto the Talk Radio Europe breakfast show to speak about the inspiration for and content of my book How To Stand Out: Proven Tactics For Getting Noticed.

Our conversation covered lots of topics spanning lack of confidence, arrogance, childhood experiences, dating and even bringing up confident children. Some of the points that I think worth summarising:

  • Remember that you can change at any age. Your
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Are you (or someone you know) a bit quieter and on the introverted side?

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30th January

Would you say that you’re someone who’s naturally confident and comfortable speaking up at work?  If not, don’t worry because you’re not alone.  Many people who are at the more introverted end of the spectrum find that they need to work harder at making their mark at work.

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Why does body language really, really matter?

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20th November

Most of us would probably be quite happy if only our colleagues and customers – and perhaps family and friends – would just listen to us more, right? Well, the latest research suggests that it’s not just what we say that matters. How we say it can matter a great deal too.

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