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How to pass job interviews like a STAR

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13th March

Imagine an interviewer asking you questions such as “Are you a good team player?” or “How would you rate yourself as a manager?”

It’s all very well answering by saying “Yes, I’m a good team player” or “I rate myself as a very inspiring and motivating manager.” But if you really want to impress an interviewer, you should answer by providing an example – a short story – explaining whyRead more

Are you worried about your job security?

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25th September

Unsurprisingly, I’m working with a lot of job hunters who have been made redundant. But taking action after you have been made redundant isn’t the best course of action. If you are concerned that your job may be risk, consider making a plan now.

Really. If you’re worried about your job. Don’t just avoid the issue and hope things get better. I often say to clients that hope isn’t a … Read more

5 big job hunting errors

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16th February

I coach quite a few people who want to find new jobs. I’ve been doing a lot of this recently and it made me think of some of the commonest mistakes I’ve been seeing people make when job hunting.

1. Sending the same CV out to multiple employers
Do you have considerable, directly-relevant experience on your CV? If the answer to that question is ‘yes’, then by all means just … Read more

How to boost your impact – within minutes

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25th November

Want to be seen as more credible and impactful?

A lot of my one-to-one coaching clients want to make a stronger impact. Many of them come to me (either in person or via telephone/video chat) wanting to make a stronger impression during job interviews or when giving speeches and presentations. Others want to be more credible during client or business meetings – or even when dating.

If you want to … Read more

How to answer tough interview questions

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7th October

A lot of my work involves job interviews. I have observed and trained literally hundreds of managers in how to interview properly. I also coach individual candidates to make a better impression during interviews. Here are four questions that candidates often struggle to answer well – as well as my advice on how to beat them:

“To begin with, could you tell us a bit about you please?”
Technically, this … Read more

How to project confidence during job interviews

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1st April

I’ve been coaching so many job hunters recently. They have been men and women ranging from recent graduates in their early 20s to experienced executives and workers in their late 50s. In most cases, they had good experience that they could talk about. However, they weren’t selling themselves and coming across as capable and credible.

If you want to improve your interview performance, work through the following five steps:

1. Read more

How to give great interview answers

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19th December

Over the years, I’ve trained a lot of interviewers in how to interview. I’ve interviewed candidates myself too.

But I’m also a gamekeeper turned poacher as I’ve coached job hunters who want to present themselves better at interview. Unfortunately, it still amazes me how badly most candidates come across – even though they may actually have great experience and skills. Thankfully, I’ve seen many candidates go from merely adequate at … Read more

Why is job hunting so difficult?

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22nd November

I spend a fair amount of my time coaching job hunters on how to present themselves more effectively in order to get the jobs they want. Progressive employers want to hire the very best people for the vacancies they have to fill. Unfortunately, many employers are not progressive – too many employers do discriminate unfairly against candidates from what those employers see as unsuitable backgrounds.

Here are some recent research … Read more