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How to raise your profile and get promoted

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28th October

Do you want to get promoted?

If the answer is yes, then you need to read this piece and act on the advice. Doing your current job well is not enough to get promoted. People who get promoted tend to do more – they pursue promotions – they don’t just sit around waiting for promotions to be offered to them.

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Networking tips for introverts

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6th December

A few days ago, a journalist from a major newspaper asked me to put together some tips for introverts who want to network more effectively. I’ve helped lots of journalists over the years but tend to find that I’ll write maybe 800 words and they’ll quote about 80 words! So I thought I’d share some tips with you directly.

  • Understand that networking matters for career success. I always say to
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Is office politics always a bad thing?

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2nd August

I think we can all agree that most workplaces are at least somewhat political.  It’s also true that some people get involved in politics in a nasty way: putting others down, spreading rumours, keeping secrets and so on.

But I have helped more than a few clients to discover that they can get ahead without doing anything underhand.  I suggest a change in mind-set.  Just think about two steps:

  • Spending
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What’s the biggest, easy investment you can make in your career?

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10th May

If I ask you to list the 5 most important tasks you have to do every week in your job, would you say that networking is one of them?

I would argue that networking is possibly one of the most important things you can do every week. It may not help you immediately, but my most successful clients have discovered that it’s a massive investment in their medium- to long-term … Read more

Do you have enough real friends at work?

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28th December

In a recent edition of the Financial Times, a columnist asked several experts (including me) for our thoughts on friendships in the workplace. You can read it on the FT’s website; however, as the FT’s site requires registration (which is free), I have also copied and pasted the article for you to read too.

The careerist: Friendship in the workplace

By Rhymer Rigby

Friends make working life far … Read more