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5 facts about the importance of curiosity in work and life

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31st July

Psychological science is increasingly coming to the conclusion that curiosity is a rather powerful force in our lives. Let’s look at 5 evidence-based facts about curiosity (what I called ‘Awe’ in Chapter 1 of my book, E is for Exceptional: The New Science of Success), what it is, and why it matters.

1. Curiosity is about exploration and learning for its own sake

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An awesome, proven way to feel better and be healthier

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19th June

There’s a solid body of research showing that positive emotions such as gratitude are good for us. You may already know that the ‘3 good things’ exercise has been shown in more than a few studies to help most people to feel more positive about themselves (for example, I wrote about it in my Confidence book).

If you haven’t come across the exercise before, the idea is that you simply … Read more

Want to create more opportunities for yourself?

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24th May

In my E is for Exceptional book, I wrote about how we need to make time to expose ourselves to new stimuli, new knowledge and new experiences in order to remain creative and open to opportunities. I call this the skill of Awe: remaining in awe of the world around us and the need to learn.

A mobile phone company recently asked me to provide comment relating to a survey … Read more