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Why should you become a ‘soggy’ thinker?

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20th June

Do you see the world as black-or-white or in shades of grey?

Some years ago, I did some research and discovered that shades of grey (SOG or ‘soggy’) thinking was associated with higher performance in the workplace. It helps people to be more persuasive. It may also help people to be more creative too. Separate research also suggests that people who engage in a lot of black-or-white, binary thinking may … Read more

Does your mental attitude set you up for success?

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18th January

Whether I’m running a leadership development programme for managers, running a workshop on confidence for employees or lecturing to students, I often talk about the mind-set associated with success.

Researchers such as Carol Dweck at Stanford University have spotted that people’s beliefs – their mind-set – about themselves and their ability to learn and grow can either help them to make progress or hamper their development. So what’s your mind-set?… Read more

Want to grow your skills and confidence?

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9th March

What would you like to improve in your work or life?  Maybe you want to improve at a particular technical skill.  Or maybe you want to get better at a people skill like being more assertive, a stronger leader, a better sales person – or anything else.  Hopefully you have a plan of action for tackling it.  But allow me to tell you something essential for helping yourself to change.… Read more