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Dr Rob Yeung is a performance psychologist, life coach, keynote speaker and TV presenter who helps people to achieve their goals. As a psychologist and author of over 20 bestselling books, he is asked to consult, coach and speak on topics ranging from confidence and change to the psychology of leadership, sales success and high achievement.

A chartered psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, he has a First Class Honours degree in psychology (from the University of Bristol) and a PhD in psychology (from King’s College London). He was also formerly a consultant with top-flight strategic management consultants The Boston Consulting Group and is currently a director at leadership consulting firm Talentspace.

Over the last decade, he has specialised in research and consulting in the fields of high achievement and peak performance.  He works with executives, sports people, entertainers and public figures as well as lecturing to students at universities and business schools. He has written scientific papers in research journals and many of his 20+ books are available in dozens of languages worldwide.

He is also a qualified personal trainer and aerobics instructor. He has an ongoing personal interest in the psychology of health, fitness and nutrition. His recent book You Can Change Your Life covered the scientific evidence behind behaviour change and personal transformation.

His 2019 book The Confidence Project: Your plan for personal growth, happiness and success covers the very latest psychology about confidence, why too much may not be useful – and what people can do to be more confident. His next book on the psychology of productivity and peak performance will be out in early 2020.