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Posted on May 16th, by Dr Rob Yeung .

Just a quick note to say that, from now on, I won’t be posting much (if at all) here on this website.

I’ve found that most of my clients are on LinkedIn. For me, LinkedIn is a much better way to reach the clients who hire me to assess candidates, coach individuals, run workshops, and speak at conferences.

So, if you would like to continue to read my ongoing advice, please follow me on LinkedIn:

Once you have clicked the ‘Follow’ button, you can also subscribe to my monthly LinkedIn newsletter, which I’ve called ‘Psychology at work’. Subscribe to the newsletter and it will come directly to your email inbox – and I’ll never send out any kind of marketing stuff or other rubbish. As I have always done, I will continue to write research-based reports on topics such as productivity, mental health, leadership, and job performance.

Thank you for your continuing support!

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