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How to change your personality

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6th May

We talk about other people’s personalities in terms of the adjectives we use to describe them. So, one person might be “talkative but rude” while another person may be “quiet and inquisitive”. But in psychological terms, personality is broadly defined as a set of enduring traits and processes within the individual that influence that person’s interactions with the world.

Most psychologists agree that there are at least five (but possibly … Read more

5 myths about introverts

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31st July

I use personality questionnaires a lot in my work. When coaching a client, it can really help a client to understand their personality and the kinds of work that best suit them – as well as their likely strengths and weaknesses. When I interview candidates on behalf of employers, I use personality questionnaires to identify the kind of organisational culture that might suit them.

Here are 5 myths about introverts:… Read more

How does your personality affect your earning power?

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15th July

How would you like to earn around 10 per cent more every year – for the rest of your life?

A recent study led by Tilburg University researcher Jaap Denissen found that people’s personalities had a significant relationship with their earning potential. But the researchers did not find that certain personalities were better all of the time. No, they found that people earned more when their personalities matched the needs … Read more

An introvert’s guide to leadership

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21st August

One of my clients (I’ll call him Kieran) is an introvert. But a lot of his clients mistake him for an extravert. He doesn’t seem at all shy – he is chatty and sociable, makes strong eye contact and has a lot to say about both work and life.

Many of his colleagues also think of him as quite extraverted. It’s only a minority of people who know him quite … Read more

Networking tips for introverts

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6th December

A few days ago, a journalist from a major newspaper asked me to put together some tips for introverts who want to network more effectively. I’ve helped lots of journalists over the years but tend to find that I’ll write maybe 800 words and they’ll quote about 80 words! So I thought I’d share some tips with you directly.

  • Understand that networking matters for career success. I always say to
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Who are the best sales people – introverts or extraverts?

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23rd April

Quickly, off the top of your head, what would you describe as the stereotype of a sales person? You might think a sales person should be smooth, fast-talking, outgoing and persistent. But of course successful sales people need to ask questions and understand their customers and clients too.

So would you guess that the most successful sales people would be introverts or extraverts?

Introverts tend to be better listeners. They … Read more

Are you (or someone you know) a bit quieter and on the introverted side?

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30th January

Would you say that you’re someone who’s naturally confident and comfortable speaking up at work?  If not, don’t worry because you’re not alone.  Many people who are at the more introverted end of the spectrum find that they need to work harder at making their mark at work.

I was recently asked by a journalist at Go Think Big to contribute some top tips on beating shyness.  The journalist only … Read more