Want to grow your skills and confidence?

Posted on March 9th, by Dr Rob Yeung .

What would you like to improve in your work or life?  Maybe you want to improve at a particular technical skill.  Or maybe you want to get better at a people skill like being more assertive, a stronger leader, a better sales person – or anything else.  Hopefully you have a plan of action for tackling it.  But allow me to tell you something essential for helping yourself to change.

Research tells us that people who learn and change successfully have a different mind-set.

People with what’s known as a growth mind-set have a different attitude and way of looking at themselves and their skills.  And this different mind-set means that they tend to be more successful.  Students and school kids with this mind-set do better academically.  Entrepreneurs with this mind-set bounce back from failure more quickly.  Managers with this mind-set tend to be more effective leaders.

I recently filmed a series of videos to coincide with the release of my latest book How To Win: The Argument, the Pitch, the Job, the Race.  To understand what this mind-set is and how you can get it, take a look at this short (4 minutes and 46 seconds) video:

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