How to boost your impact – within minutes

Posted on November 25th, by Dr Rob Yeung .

Want to be seen as more credible and impactful?

A lot of my one-to-one coaching clients want to make a stronger impact. Many of them come to me (either in person or via telephone/video chat) wanting to make a stronger impression during job interviews or when giving speeches and presentations. Others want to be more credible during client or business meetings – or even when dating.

If you want to make a stronger impact on somebody, here’s one research-backed technique that works. Start by watching the 60-second video (from my Instagram feed, @doctorrobyeung). Then read the further advice below that.

The technique was investigated and shown to be effective by Joris Lammers and colleagues. Essentially, Lammers and his team put several dozen business students through a mock interview conducted by expert interviewers. The researchers found that people who were given no additional guidance passed their interview 47 per cent of the time. However, people who used this technique successfully passed their interviews 68 per cent of the time. That’s a 21 per cent difference – not bad, right?

To boost your sense of power – and therefore make a stronger impact on other people – try this exercise:

Take a few minutes to recall a situation in which you had power over another individual or individuals. Power is simply having control or influence over the ability of another person or persons to get something that he/she/they want. For example, if you helped someone or taught someone, that’s having power over them. Power could also include being in a position to evaluate someone else.

And that really is all there is to the technique. Just before you need your “power up”, spend just a few minutes writing about the situation in which you had power over someone or some people.

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This technique came from my How To Stand Out book. But there are also similar techniques in The Confidence Project.


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