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What’s the best way to debrief after something goes wrong?

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11th October

Things don’t always go well in life. Your team may have been planning something for months – say a conference, a client pitch or any kind of major project – but it ends up going wrong. Of course things can go wrong away from the office too. A medical procedure accidentally endangers a patient’s life. A manoeuvre by the armed forces ends up in defeat. A mistake on an oil … Read more

Can you ever be too confident?

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2nd July

I do a lot of coaching to help people to become more confident in either their work or personal lives.  And I occasionally get asked by worried clients whether it’s possible to become too confident.

The growing scandal that has emerged at Barclays bank shows that people can sometimes be too confident.  The fact that traders at Barclays believed they could manipulate interest rates to make more money was surely … Read more