How can you win more arguments?

Posted on December 20th, by Dr Rob Yeung . 2 comments

CNBC is a prestigious news channel which is broadcast live pretty much worldwide across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The producers behind the show invited me on for a lengthy discussion about what published research tells us about how to win arguments.

This is a short (less than 3 minutes) clip from the show, but you should learn at least a couple of things about winning arguments from it if you’re interested. And if you want to read even more about how to win arguments, you can pick up my book How To Win: The Argument, the Pitch, the Job, the Race.

You can also read further advice (which isn’t included in this short video clip) by clicking this link which will take you to the CNBC website.

2 Responses to “How can you win more arguments?”

  1. Sally says:

    I am reading your best selling classic Confidence book and on page xvi Introduction it said that there are online chapters that I can download. I am particularly interest in ‘performing well at job interviews by preparing well and countering nerves.’

    I can’t locate it on your website.

    Can you advise the cost of a quick confidence boosting coaching sessions?


    • Dr Rob Yeung says:

      Hello Sally. I believe my office has already replied to two of your emails with regards to coaching. If you haven’t received them, please check your spam folder!

      Or email with a telephone number and I’m happy to call you.

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