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How to raise your profile and get promoted

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28th October

Do you want to get promoted?

If the answer is yes, then you need to read this piece and act on the advice. Doing your current job well is not enough to get promoted. People who get promoted tend to do more – they pursue promotions – they don’t just sit around waiting for promotions to be offered to them.

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3 personal business lessons

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3rd September

At the weekend, I bumped into an ex-colleague. We used to work together nearly 20 years ago. Since then, a lot has changed – including me quitting work to set up my own business. For a change then, I thought I would share some of my own personal lessons.

Most of the time I try to recommend techniques that have been proven by science. So do bear in mind that … Read more

4 steps to being more assertive

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26th February

I run a lot of workshops for clients on confidence and assertiveness. I often teach something that I call the DEAR method for negotiating, dealing with conflict situations more assertively. You might find it handy whether you’re trying to win over clients or change your colleagues’ minds.


Once you’ve watched the video, here are some additional pointers on applying the DEAR method successfully:

  • Write down bullet points for each
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How to give great interview answers

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19th December

Over the years, I’ve trained a lot of interviewers in how to interview. I’ve interviewed candidates myself too.

But I’m also a gamekeeper turned poacher as I’ve coached job hunters who want to present themselves better at interview. Unfortunately, it still amazes me how badly most candidates come across – even though they may actually have great experience and skills. Thankfully, I’ve seen many candidates go from merely adequate at … Read more

Who would hire YOU?

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26th October

Are you job hunting?  Going for interviews?  Need to come across as more articulate, persuasive or perhaps confident?

A few years ago, the BBC asked me to present a TV show helping job hunters to boost their confidence, improve their interpersonal skills and get the jobs they wanted.  I filmed two seasons of the show.  The first season was titled Who Would Hire You? while the second was retitled … Read more

Want to be more persuasive – quickly?

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19th October

The media has shown a great deal of interest in the content of my book How To Stand Out: Proven Tactics For Getting Noticed. I’ve been featured in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Record as well as on TV and radio shows too.

But this was one of the more insightful interviews that I did.  Some of the highlights to take away from the video:… Read more

Want to pitch and negotiate more effectively?

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30th November

I gave a seminar at The Business Startup Show a few days ago on how to win at pitches and presentations – whether that’s to investors, customers or clients.

One powerful technique involves putting ourselves into the shoes of the people we’re dealing with.

A couple of years ago, my publisher shot a handful of video clips to promote The Extra One Per Cent (which is now available under its … Read more

What does data tell us about career advancement?

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19th October

What helps people to advance more quickly in their careers? What kinds of networking are of most benefit? And to what extent should we manage and manipulate the image that we present to people?

I was asked to speak at a conference for human resources and communications professionals on these sorts of questions. The presentation is around 40 minutes long but is packed with insights from published studies.

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