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How to give great interview answers

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19th December

Over the years, I’ve trained a lot of interviewers in how to interview. I’ve interviewed candidates myself too.

But I’m also a gamekeeper turned poacher as I’ve coached job hunters who want to present themselves better at interview. Unfortunately, it still amazes me how badly most candidates come across – even though they may actually have great experience and skills. Thankfully, I’ve seen many candidates go from merely adequate at … Read more

Does your mental attitude set you up for success?

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18th January

Whether I’m running a leadership development programme for managers, running a workshop on confidence for employees or lecturing to students, I often talk about the mind-set associated with success.

Researchers such as Carol Dweck at Stanford University have spotted that people’s beliefs – their mind-set – about themselves and their ability to learn and grow can either help them to make progress or hamper their development. So what’s your mind-set?… Read more

What does data tell us about career advancement?

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19th October

What helps people to advance more quickly in their careers? What kinds of networking are of most benefit? And to what extent should we manage and manipulate the image that we present to people?

I was asked to speak at a conference for human resources and communications professionals on these sorts of questions. The presentation is around 40 minutes long but is packed with insights from published studies.

Amd if … Read more

Want to grow your skills and confidence?

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9th March

What would you like to improve in your work or life?  Maybe you want to improve at a particular technical skill.  Or maybe you want to get better at a people skill like being more assertive, a stronger leader, a better sales person – or anything else.  Hopefully you have a plan of action for tackling it.  But allow me to tell you something essential for helping yourself to change.… Read more

What helps people to get ahead at work? Four skills

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5th February

We all know that smart, technically-skilled people don’t always make it to the top.  So what does help people to succeed and get promoted?

Research tells us that it’s about people skills – being able to build, maintain and use relationships to achieve outcomes at work.  I call this skill organisational savvy.

So what is organisational savvy?  And how can you get better at it?

Social astuteness

Published research … Read more

How can you win more arguments?

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20th December

CNBC is a prestigious news channel which is broadcast live pretty much worldwide across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The producers behind the show invited me on for a lengthy discussion about what published research tells us about how to win arguments.

This is a short (less than 3 minutes) clip from the show, but you should learn at least a couple of things about winning arguments … Read more