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Want to create more opportunities for yourself?

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24th May

In my E is for Exceptional book, I wrote about how we need to make time to expose ourselves to new stimuli, new knowledge and new experiences in order to remain creative and open to opportunities. I call this the skill of Awe: remaining in awe of the world around us and the need to learn.

A mobile phone company recently asked me to provide comment relating to a survey … Read more

Want to pitch and negotiate more effectively?

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30th November

I gave a seminar at The Business Startup Show a few days ago on how to win at pitches and presentations – whether that’s to investors, customers or clients.

One powerful technique involves putting ourselves into the shoes of the people we’re dealing with.

A couple of years ago, my publisher shot a handful of video clips to promote The Extra One Per Cent (which is now available under its … Read more

Does money buy happiness?

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26th October

I’ve been reading a book by a professor of economics at Princeton University. Based on research studies, he concludes that: “the emotional lives of the poor are not very different from those of the rich, though the poor are much less satisfied with their lives.”

The professor distinguishes between emotions and satisfction. Yes, satisfaction is affected by wealth. Wealth allows people to avoid ill health and buy material comforts. … Read more

What does data tell us about career advancement?

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19th October

What helps people to advance more quickly in their careers? What kinds of networking are of most benefit? And to what extent should we manage and manipulate the image that we present to people?

I was asked to speak at a conference for human resources and communications professionals on these sorts of questions. The presentation is around 40 minutes long but is packed with insights from published studies.

Amd if … Read more

Want 5 top tips for life and career success?

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23rd September

I shot this video a while ago, but I still stand by the five top tips I shared.

The book these tips came from was originally called The Extra One Per Cent but was republished with a new title as E is for Exceptional.

I hope you found the video interesting.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!… Read more

Do you want to feel more positive about the future?

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28th July

Do you “live in a perpetual state of triage, doing whatever seems most immediately pressing while losing sight of any bigger picture”?

That’s a quote from an article in an old Harvard Business Review I was reading last week. I love the analogy of some people behaving as if they are in triage. Of course it’s the right thing for an emergency room doctor to rush around trying to … Read more

Can we learn about life from Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk?

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30th June

You can tell that summer is here by the big blockbuster movies on at the cinema.

If you have seen either the 2009 or 2013 Star Trek movies, you will know that actor Chris Pine plays the lead of Captain James T. Kirk. He’s also playing the lead in the new Jack Ryan movie late this year opposite British star Keira Knightley.

I was interested to read an interview with … Read more

What is THE single biggest secret of success?

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16th May

I occasionally read (British) GQ magazine mostly when I’m on holiday for its diverting, entertaining stories.

However, one well-researched, well-written article in the May 2013 issue (on page 89) written by Tony Parsons caught my attention. It tackled the age-old question: What is it that makes people successful?

If you’re interested in the topic of high achievement – for example you might have read my E is for Exceptional book … Read more