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7 ways to give a BAD presentation

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4th July

I speak at a lot of conferences and often get to watch other presenters. I also train people in how to give good presentations and speeches in public. I’ve advised people ranging from managers wanting to be more impactful at work to individuals giving eulogies at funerals. Whether you are speaking in person or speaking online, here are 7 ways people inadvertently end up giving bad presentations or speeches.

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3 proven tactics for giving more confident presentations

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23rd July

I run a lot of workshops on how to give better presentations – for people ranging from junior employees who want some basic guidance to experienced executives who need to come across as more charismatic and leaderlike. But whatever the seniority and experience level of presenters, I typically find that most people can improve or polish their presentations by focusing on four main areas.

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The 3 stories you must know when pitching, presenting or persuading people

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5th February

How can you win people over?

I recently ran seminars for two groups on a similar topic. The first was a class of business students with goals of setting themselves up as entrepreneurs, aiming to sell their products and services either to other businesses or perhaps home consumers. The second was a group of experienced travel agents who wanted to improve their ability to sell luxury holidays to their clients.… Read more

The 5 biggest mistakes you can make when presenting or speaking in public

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11th September

I run workshops on presentation skills for lawyers, fund raisers, sales people and all manner of people who need to pitch or present to clients and customers. Sometimes, I also get asked to help individual executives to polish how they come across.

Here are the 5 commonest mistakes that I see people making when giving presentations:

Mistake 1. Throwing too many facts at an audience

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Want to present well and excel at public speaking?

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3rd May

Apparently more people are afraid of having to speak in public or give a presentation than are scared of snakes or spiders!

Having written a book on public speaking and presentations and run training courses on it, here are my five top tips for giving great presentations:

  • Tell a story to illustrate your main point. Audiences hate being bombarded by numbers. So think of an anecdote you can share to
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Want to delve into the surprising psychology of selling?

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4th July

More than 90 per cent of the lectures and workshops I run are only for the managers of organisations such as KPMG, Baker Tilly and the Boston Consulting Group as well as universities and business schools. I very rarely speak at events that are open to members of the public.

However, I’m speaking at one such event next week on the 10th of July at the SOLD conference, which … Read more