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Your dreams (and nightmares) are telling you about your career and life

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17th December

When I go to parties and tell people that I’m a psychologist, people sometimes ask me about topics such as the meaning of dreams. You probably know plenty of people in your life who are really interested in dreams and their meanings. Or perhaps you’re fascinated in the content of your own dreams.

Some believe that dreams have hidden messages for us. For example, seeing a church or snakes or … Read more

Want to learn how to stand out?

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19th September

I was invited onto the Talk Radio Europe breakfast show to speak about the inspiration for and content of my book How To Stand Out: Proven Tactics For Getting Noticed.

Our conversation covered lots of topics spanning lack of confidence, arrogance, childhood experiences, dating and even bringing up confident children. Some of the points that I think worth summarising:

  • Remember that you can change at any age. Your
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5 habits of highly productive people

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19th July

I had a conversation last week with a client, the human resources director of a growing online business, who asked me what distinguishes top performers from the rest of the crowd.  At first, I said that it’s a complex answer and that there are a range of competencies or skills that help high achievers to shine.  But she (playfully) insisted on a top-of-the-head answer.

She said: “I know it’s not … Read more

Want to be successful and happy?

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3rd May

What would you do if you were suddenly to become rich?  Probably celebrate, right? But wait, there’s a catch.

Jim Collins, American author of business blockbuster Good to Great suggests the following exercise.  Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning and receive two phone calls.  The first caller tells you that you’ve inherited $20 million, with no strings attached.  The second caller explains that you have no more than 10 years … Read more