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3 personal business lessons

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3rd September

At the weekend, I bumped into an ex-colleague. We used to work together nearly 20 years ago. Since then, a lot has changed – including me quitting work to set up my own business. For a change then, I thought I would share some of my own personal lessons.

Most of the time I try to recommend techniques that have been proven by science. So do bear in mind that … Read more

How can you win more arguments?

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20th December

CNBC is a prestigious news channel which is broadcast live pretty much worldwide across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The producers behind the show invited me on for a lengthy discussion about what published research tells us about how to win arguments.

This is a short (less than 3 minutes) clip from the show, but you should learn at least a couple of things about winning arguments … Read more

Want to get your dream job?

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8th April

A few years ago, the BBC asked me to present a TV show called How to Get Your Dream Job, in which I helped struggling job hunters to boost their skills and confidence in order to get their dream jobs.

I think that getting a job requires a combination of:

  • knowledge
  • confidence and
  • influence and persuasion skills.

The job hunter in this episode had the knowledge, but lacked confidence … Read more

Want to change anything about yourself or your life?

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14th February

I wrote in an earlier post about the single most important thing you could do when it comes to trying to change or improve your life.

If you’re interested, this is a short (3 minutes, 36 seconds) video clip from when I was invited onto the BBC ‘Breakfast’ television show to talk about change – and to discuss my book You Can Change Your Life.

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Why do successful people almost never achieve their results alone?

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28th August

Whatever your goals and ambitions in life, do you believe that you are solely responsible for the results you get?  Or do you feel that you have close friends and family who advise, support and guide you?

I recently worked on some research in conjunction with Links of London, the official jewellery company for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.  The research identified that many successful people have a … Read more