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4 steps to being more assertive

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26th February

I run a lot of workshops for clients on confidence and assertiveness. I often teach something that I call the DEAR method for negotiating, dealing with conflict situations more assertively. You might find it handy whether you’re trying to win over clients or change your colleagues’ minds.


Once you’ve watched the video, here are some additional pointers on applying the DEAR method successfully:

  • Write down bullet points for each
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A simple trick for influencing and persuading people

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23rd October

Imagine you’re trying to sell something that you own, something like an older computer, for example. Consider the two ways that you could phrase your request:

  1. “I’ll offer you my computer for £600.”
  2. “I’d like £600 for my computer.”

The two statements mean the same thing, right?

Yes, of course they do. Both imply that the buyer will get your computer in exchange for £600.

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