Want to get your dream job?

Posted on April 8th, by Dr Rob Yeung . 3 comments

A few years ago, the BBC asked me to present a TV show called How to Get Your Dream Job, in which I helped struggling job hunters to boost their skills and confidence in order to get their dream jobs.

I think that getting a job requires a combination of:

  • knowledge
  • confidence and
  • influence and persuasion skills.

The job hunter in this episode had the knowledge, but lacked confidence and persuasion. So I taught these skills to him.

Below is the first episode of Season 2 (in five separate clips). Clip 3 is my favourite as (at around 1 minute 55 seconds) I take the job hunter on a fire walk!

3 Responses to “Want to get your dream job?”

  1. This episode really shows just how being positive and confident can change a person and change their lives for the better. A great selection of clips.

  2. Cornelius says:

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational journey.

  3. Nick says:

    Nice post! I agree with the 3 combinations you need in getting a job. Aside from the knowledge that you have, developing your communication skills with confidence will really help you get a job. Be confident in presenting yourself and believe in your skills.

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