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Want 5 top tips for finding your perfect job?

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1st February

Looking for a new job? You’ll probably be really pleased when you get offered one. But HOLD ON! Don’t accept it straightaway! Is the job really as good as you hope it is?

Once you have been offered a job, it is your responsibility as a candidate to conduct thorough due diligence – research – on an organisation. I coach a lot of job hunters looking for new, better jobs, … Read more

Want your next job to be a happy, successful one?

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14th December

I was running a workshop the other day for a group of job hunters (who had all recently been made redundant). Before helping them to hone their interview skills, I presented them with the following slide:

Before you jump into your job search, how about stepping back to think about what sort of job you should be doing next?

Will you be able to use your strengths?
On the bottom … Read more

Want to get your dream job?

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8th April

A few years ago, the BBC asked me to present a TV show called How to Get Your Dream Job, in which I helped struggling job hunters to boost their skills and confidence in order to get their dream jobs.

I think that getting a job requires a combination of:

  • knowledge
  • confidence and
  • influence and persuasion skills.

The job hunter in this episode had the knowledge, but lacked confidence … Read more

Worried about job security? Have a plan B.

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6th March

I answer readers’ questions in a number of business magazines. Given that a lot of people are worried about their jobs at the moment, I thought this might be timely advice to share with you all. I hope you find it useful!

 … Read more

Job hunting and want top tips on getting your next job?

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6th June

As a coach and author of books such as How to Succeed at Interviews, I often get asked to help clients with their job hunting.  I often see two big mistakes happening.  Firstly, too many people send out the same CV to dozens of different jobs – they’re almost guaranteed to get rejected a lot. Secondly, many people don’t make a great impact at interviews and end up being … Read more