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Where have Starbucks, Amazon and Google gone wrong?

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8th December

The fact that tax avoidance campaigners are protesting outside branches of Starbucks today isn’t really a surprise.

After all, the Internet is making the world an increasingly transparent place.  Social media is allowing people access to facts that not so long ago might have remained mostly hidden; it’s also allowing people the ability to mobilise more quickly than at any time in history.

I argued in my book E is Read more

How can we all sell more effectively?

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7th August

I was asked to speak at a media organisation’s sales conference recently on the psychology of selling and the mindset that it takes to succeed. Towards the end of the day, there was a panel discussion in which five people (who had all been nominated by their colleagues as inspirational people) took questions from the room.

One of the questions asked of the panel was: ‘What qualities do you most … Read more