Why can more rejection be a GOOD thing?

Posted on June 6th, by Dr Rob Yeung .

A client organisation I’ve been working with recently analysed some data it has collected on its sales people. The company wanted to know what differentiated its top sales people from the rest.

Interestingly enough, the top 25 per cent experience more rejections than the rest. Yes, you read that right. They got turned down many, many more times a day.

Why? Because they were making more calls. They were sending out more emails, letters and brochures. They were repeatedly trying new avenues, which meant that they were getting turned down many more times a day.

Of course, their higher rate of activity also meant that they were also getting more successes too.

Since its discovery, the company has now implemented a set of metrics for all of its sales people to try to encourage all of its sales people to simply do more. Now, the sales people have more than a half-dozen targets – some of them monthly, but many of them weekly and one target about the number of outbound telephone calls they make is daily.

The lesson for all of us? The same principle applies to most things in life.

If you take chances and go for opportunities, not all of them pay off. But if you’re putting yourself out there, you have a much better chance of something paying off.

Rejection is not to be feared because it at least means you tried. Better to try and perhaps succeed than never try in the first place, right?

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