Want to feel more confident at work?

Posted on May 5th, by Dr Rob Yeung .

I get asked to contribute to a lot of newspapers and magazines.  But one of my all-time favourite pieces is from Woman & Home magazine.   The editor asked me to buoy the confidence of a woman who was worried about setting up her own business after a career break.

For a long-lasting boost to your confidence, write out a list of your FACTs (feats, achievements, challenges you’ve overcome and triumphs).

Simply start listing all of your accomplishments – both big and small.  Our FACTs can come from our professional or personal life.  They can be recent or from the past back to even our teenage years.  It doesn’t matter if other people wouldn’t see them as accomplishments.  Not everyone can pass their exams or raise a family.  Not everyone understands how to use an Excel spreadsheet or cook a tasty meal.  Not everyone is a good listener or can speak a second language.

Don’t discount what you’ve accomplished.  Not everyone can do what you have done.

You shouldn’t expect to complete your FACTs list in one sitting.  Perhaps have it by your bedside or on your desk and jot down new FACTs whenever you remember them.

Then, when you need an instant shot of confidence, simply read back through your list and remind yourself of all of the wonderful things you have accomplished.

As you might expect, the FACTs exercise comes from my Confidence book.  Anyway, back to the woman that I coached for the magazine, here’s the write up from our session:

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