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How to boost your impact – within minutes

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25th November

Want to be seen as more credible and impactful?

A lot of my one-to-one coaching clients want to make a stronger impact. Many of them come to me (either in person or via telephone/video chat) wanting to make a stronger impression during job interviews or when giving speeches and presentations. Others want to be more credible during client or business meetings – or even when dating.

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A simple trick for boosting your outward confidence

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4th December

Would you like to make a better impression on people? That could be say when you need to give a presentation – perhaps you’re pitching your product or services to customers. Maybe it’s pitching yourself in a job interview. Or it could be in a social setting: perhaps you want to make a stronger impact on friends or a date even.

Whatever the situation, here’s a quick technique that you … Read more