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5 methods for boosting your work productivity

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3rd June

What’s your strategy for having a productive day?

Unfortunately, a lot of ineffective people subscribe to the pinball method: allowing themselves to bounce from one task to the next, being diverted by requests and other interruptions as they come in, and generally being directed by other people’s whims. Clearly, that’s not a very productive way to get through life.

Instead, here are 5 research-backed methods for getting through your workload:… Read more

Why should you become a ‘soggy’ thinker?

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20th June

Do you see the world as black-or-white or in shades of grey?

Some years ago, I did some research and discovered that shades of grey (SOG or ‘soggy’) thinking was associated with higher performance in the workplace. It helps people to be more persuasive. It may also help people to be more creative too. Separate research also suggests that people who engage in a lot of black-or-white, binary thinking may … Read more