Who would hire YOU?

Posted on October 26th, by Dr Rob Yeung .

Are you job hunting?  Going for interviews?  Need to come across as more articulate, persuasive or perhaps confident?

A few years ago, the BBC asked me to present a TV show helping job hunters to boost their confidence, improve their interpersonal skills and get the jobs they wanted.  I filmed two seasons of the show.  The first season was titled Who Would Hire You? while the second was retitled How To Get Your Dream Job.  Unfortunately, most of the episodes are not generally available. However, an uploader managed to get the first episode of the first season online.

I’ve never watched it all the way through – who wants to watch themselves on TV!??  But if you’re hoping to boost your confidence and get ready for job interviews, the episode may prompt you to think more deeply about your own skills and interview demeanour.  You may be able to pick up a few tips too.

And don’t forget there’s more advice on robyeung.com on job hunting as well as interviews and confidence.

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