Want to thrive in the future? Have a vision.

Posted on April 21st, by Dr Rob Yeung . 1 Comment

I’m working with a team of advertising executives at the moment who want to grow their agency.  I’m also working with an individual in the music industry to plot a course to a better, more successful life.

What do these have in common?  Both involve putting together a vision.

I’ve written in the past on the topic of visioning – the skill of putting together a vision.  But I know from my client work that while most people have heard of the idea, not everyone has actually put pen to paper or fingers on keyboard to write one.

So what about you?  Have you written yours?

The article below is a reminder as to what a vision includes – and how you put one together.

As I say in the article, if you develop a vision, who knows what might happen?  You might just get what you want.

Developing your Balanced Vision

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  1. Assad says:

    Creating a Vision has been on my List of things to do for a long time but I’ve never done it until now. I will make an effort to do it this weekend and will let you know how I get on.

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