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3 ways to beat stress and feel more in control

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10th July

When life’s hassles and problems keep piling up, it can be really easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are three quick tips for taking the edge off of how you’re feeling and to feel more centred.

1. Breathe mindfully

The idea of mindfulness has grown over the last decade or so from being an unconventional idea to something proven by science. In experiments, practising mindfulness for only 8 to 10 … Read more

Boost your cognitive performance and physical health

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17th January

Like many people, I find it difficult to sit and work at a computer without wanting to get up and go for a chat. Sometimes, going to get a coffee is as much about wanting to bump into someone for conversation as it is about the coffee itself.

I always used to feel guilty that I wasn’t sat at my desk doing more work, but there’s a growing body of … Read more

Is your humour helping or harming you?

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1st March

What makes some people more likely to be bullied? The surprising answer may be partly to do with the humour that different people use.

Researchers at Keele University looked at children aged 11 to 13 years of age and asked them about the styles of humour that they used. The researchers found that children who used self-deprecating types of humour (e.g. laughing at their own flaws or the mistakes they … Read more

Problems in the past? Write your troubles away and feel more confident again…

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25th June

I’ve been coaching two clients recently who are both feeling emotionally bruised and battered. They’re facing very different issues but I recommended the same technique to both with great results.

One woman – I’ll call her Jane – just exited a very difficult relationship with a married man. She invested 6 years in the relationship and in the last year or so had split up and got back together with … Read more