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5 reasons to speak up when you don’t think you should

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27th September

When I’m coaching clients who wish they could speak up more, they sometimes say things like:

  • “I don’t want to sound stupid.”
  • “I don’t want to be the negative person in the room.”
  • “But I don’t want to go against what the rest of the team wants.”

The thing is: there are often times when you need to speak up.  Yes, there may be a voice at the back of … Read more

6 ways to boost your emotional intelligence

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16th August

A lot has been written about emotional intelligence and its importance. By now I’m sure you don’t need convincing that it’s a good thing to be more emotionally intelligent. But in practical terms, how do you get better at it?

I define emotional intelligence as “the ability to understand and change emotions both in yourself and others.” So yes, some of this is to do with influencing other people. But … Read more

5 habits of highly productive people

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19th July

I had a conversation last week with a client, the human resources director of a growing online business, who asked me what distinguishes top performers from the rest of the crowd.  At first, I said that it’s a complex answer and that there are a range of competencies or skills that help high achievers to shine.  But she (playfully) insisted on a top-of-the-head answer.

She said: “I know it’s not … Read more

Want to turn good intentions into actions?

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5th July

Not long ago, a friend kept saying that she didn’t like her job and wanted to find a new one. But every time we met up, she said she was too busy (with work and also moving home) to look for a new job.  For months, she talked about how frustrated she was with work but she didn’t actually do anything about it.

Sneakily, I applied a psychological technique to … Read more

Want to feel calm and do the right thing?

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7th June

In my coaching work, I often help people who wish they could feel less panicky, less anxious and more confident.

I read a piece in the Sunday Times a few weeks ago by columnist Caitlin Moran. She had an excellent observation: “Panic and anxiety will lie to you – they are gonzo, malign commentators on the events of your life. Their counsel is wrong. You are as high, wired and Read more

Want to present well and excel at public speaking?

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3rd May

Apparently more people are afraid of having to speak in public or give a presentation than are scared of snakes or spiders!

Having written a book on public speaking and presentations and run training courses on it, here are my five top tips for giving great presentations:

  • Tell a story to illustrate your main point. Audiences hate being bombarded by numbers. So think of an anecdote you can share to
Read more

Is it better to be gifted or a hard worker?

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12th April

Imagine for a moment that you’re a manager looking to hire a sales person to join your team. You interview lots of candidates and think you have narrowed it down to two strong candidates with very similar skills and experience.

You can only spot one real difference between the two. One of the candidates Amelia says that she has always been fairly strong at selling. From an early age, she … Read more

Want to make superior decisions?

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15th February

I have a fairly old Android phone and I’m thinking about getting a new one. But there areso many choices! Should I stick with Android or consider an iPhone? If I continue with Android, should I go for Sony, Samsung, HTC or one of the newer players such as Xiaomi perhaps? What size of screen do I want and how much do I want to pay?

Psychologists would say … Read more