Is confidence overrated?

Posted on March 30th, by Dr Rob Yeung .

I was asked to contribute to a debate in Healthy magazine on the nature of confidence.  In answer to the question if confidence is overrated, I of course answered ‘No’.  After all, I am the author of a bestselling book on confidence!

However, I don’t think that the other psychologist who argued ‘Yes’ actually had a massively different point of view.  He was talking about overconfidence and arrogance being a bad thing – and I say as much in my defence of confidence too.  In much of my coaching work, I’m helping people who suffer from lower levels of confidence to feel sufficiently confident to make changes in their lives – I’m not trying to boost their confidence to such a degree that they become pompous egomaniacs.

You can read the full debate below. Click on the image below twice if you would like to bring up a much larger, easy-to-read version:

Healthy magazine - confidence 201404 cropped

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