What does data tell us about career advancement?

Posted on October 19th, by Dr Rob Yeung . 1 Comment

What helps people to advance more quickly in their careers? What kinds of networking are of most benefit? And to what extent should we manage and manipulate the image that we present to people?

I was asked to speak at a conference for human resources and communications professionals on these sorts of questions. The presentation is around 40 minutes long but is packed with insights from published studies.

Amd if you are interested in delving further into the topic, many of the studies mentioned in the presentation come from two books: How To Win: The Argument, the Pitch, the Job, the Race and E is for Exceptional.

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  1. Mister 101 says:

    Very interesting observations about the difference between empathy and perspective taking. I also agree that more senior managers tend not to have such good viewpoints about customers. If only you could encourage them to watch this video and be less egocentric!

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